Israeli Jewelry Designers From Tel Aviv You Need To Know

In Tel Aviv, fashion has become very well established, thanks to its large community of creative and innovative fashion and jewelry designers. Some of these designers sell their work locally, while some sell their work throughout the world, and both groups of designers have put Tel Aviv in the center of the fashion and style world.
If you are looking for truly fashionable, beautiful, trendy or timeless jewelry to accessorize your outfits with, here is a look at some of the most beloved Israeli jewelry designers that you are going to want to become familiar.

Maya Geller

Maya Geller creates jewelry that has a truly distinctive design that is inspired from urban life. She creates unique pieces that are timeless, yet innovative. All of her jewelry is made by hand, and is based on the traditional Goldsmith techniques.
Geller jewelry collection is quite extensive. It showcases various styles and includes many different materials, including silver and gold, as well as different types of stones, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other types of beloved stones. Though her designs are simple, they really do make a very powerful and profound statement. Maya Geller has a knack for creating elegant and sophisticated designs.

Keren Wolf

Keren Wold has a background in the theater, and that is where this Israeli actress draws her inspiration from. Her designs reflect the styles of the prominent women of the 20th century. Her designs draw to mind romance and nostalgia. Wold’s designs are so beautiful and so inspiring that they have become beloved by some of the biggest celebrities, and are seen on some of the most famous catwalks.

Ruby Star

Shirly Itzik is the creator of Ruby Star jewelry. She started her career in 2000, and she is dedicated to making jewelry designs that are eclectic and that really push the boundaries of contemporary jewelry.
Itzik draws her inspiration for her jewelry collections from different sources. She is always on the hung for new concepts, ideas and materials. She has a true eye for creating signature styles that are truly unique to her own vision.

Elina Gleizer

Gleizer is a jewelry designer and a goldsmith, all wrapped up in one. She creates pieces that reflect the outside world, the anatomy of humans, as well as form and ergonomics. All of her pieces are handmade through the tradition of goldsmithing with various types of materials, including leather, wood, stones and textiles.